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MNLC is a virtual digital currency issued by the MNL Mineral Resources Intelligent Management Platform, which is the only payment method accepted by MNL and partner institutions. The in-depth application of Mineral Chain technology plays an unimaginable role in the mineral industry. Asset Management: Segmenting and digitizing mining assets with Mineral Chain will eliminate a major problem in the investment transaction process – many assets are difficult to subdivide or transfer. The use of decentralized exchanges can also democratize mineral investment methods, allowing both parties to trade without the need for third parties. Less management and low cost. Settlement and final accounts: Manage the settlement and final accounts of funds through the MNL system, and use the MNL distributed ledger system to reduce costs, which indicates that the mining industry financing can be accelerated through MNL on a global scale. Cross-border transactions: About 2 billion people worldwide do not have bank accounts. In many cities in developing countries, the number of Western Union remittance branches exceeds the sum of all international banks. Remittances to different countries are a complex and expensive task for simple mineral trading. Paying for MNLC through peer-to-peer makes this process a breeze. Mining Assets Determination: Mining asset recognition is a prerequisite for owners to develop their minerals, and currently about 70% of the world's population does not have access to a formal property rights system. This provides a space for brokers and advocates to join the government. Corruption and high costs are particularly prevalent in developing countries. MNL can help connect individual mining assets with other details.
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