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BitMax BitMax.io is global operator of digital asset trading and supporting services for diverse groups of traders and investors. The trading platform, architected by Wall Street quant trading veterans, is designed for reliability, speed of execution, and ease of connectivity. € 3,217,606,481
FCoin FCoin is committed to creating an autonomous, efficient and transparent digital asset trading platform that allows traders and investors to confidently trade on any size without worrying about the fairness and transparency of the platform and the reliability of data security and privacy protection, or the integrity and robustness of its order management system.

FCoin is the world’s first transparent digital asset trading platform with assets, and will distribute 80% of the revenue to FT holders on schedule.
€ 2,045,836,696
ZB ZB.COM is a China based crypto to crypto (C2C) exchange that lists major cryptocurrrency pairs with BTC, USDT and QC. € 911,731,507
ZBG POS+POW trans-fee mining, a community-based trading platform. ZBG is committed to building a widely inter-connected exchange alliance worldwide based on the ZB.COM technology system. ZBG itself is also the flagship in terms of the cryptocurrency exchange platform. € 875,596,018
BW.com BW.com is a core strategic partner of zb.com, a deep-rooted crypto-exchange in Asia market. BW had business in mining pools since year 2013, and is still on the top 10 mining pools in the world. As a new marketing strategy, BW moves from OTC mining business to secondary market as exchange on July, 2018, and BW’s developing derivative-tools for miners and users to arbitrage price volatility risk. For years of experience in digital-asset industry, BW kept service for loyal miners and users mostly in Asia area. BW.com has more than 30 trading pairs on board, serving over 180 thousand users and creating around $40 million trading volume daily. € 803,904,137
OKEx OKEx is a Hong Kong based crypto to crypto exchange that offers token trading, spot and futures trading. It also offers margin trading for users that would like to trade on leverage. € 781,651,450
Coineal Coineal, found online at Coineal.com, is a cryptocurrency exchange founded by a team based in South Korea and China.

The exchange was announced on April 24, 2018. The exchange also announced plans to launch its own “NEAL” token.

One of the unique things about Coineal is that it will be South Korea’s first decentralized exchange. The exchange will operate across a series of nodes based worldwide. Nodes will receive NEAL tokens in exchange for their processed transaction volume. Furthermore, nodes will be asked to participate in various aspects of running the exchange – including democratic governance decisions.
€ 764,953,847
Binance Binance is a China-based cryptocurrency exchange that lists most of the Chinese coins. It is a popular exchange for its huge number of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) listings and low fees.
The token issued by this exchange is Binance Coin which give users voting rights and trading fee discounts.
€ 704,551,393
CoinBene € 699,464,627
Bit-Z Bit-Z is a cryptocurrencies only (C2C) exchange that provides digital asset trading and OTC services. It has presence in Hong Kong, China and Singapore. € 681,384,953
Digifinex DigiFinex is a world leading digital assets trading platform, focusing on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. It was founded by blockchain enthusiasts and the core team come from well-known technology companies such as Xunlei, Tencent, Baidu and HP. DIGIFINEX LIMITED is a Seychelles company headquartered in Singapore.
DigiFinex is committed to provide blockchain users safe, secure and convenient investment channels.
€ 680,272,281
Bibox Bibox is a blockchain asset trading platform founded by Chinese crypto enthusiasts. It is thought to as an "intelligent transaction platform" where the system uses smart AI algorithms that have been designed to aid in the execution of optimal trades and transactions to maximise returns.
€ 678,701,899
CoinAll CoinAll (www.coinall.com) is the very first of the 100 OK Partner exchanges launched under the OKEx Open Partnership Program. As the world's first community-based autonomous exchange, we offer digital asset trading services of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum to global traders. Always putting the community, users, and project teams first, we are committed to building a fully transparent, community-run exchange platform, which empowers the community to self-manage, creating value and sharing returns altogether. € 678,528,826
Biki BIKICOIN was founded in June 2018 and registered in Singapore. BIKICOIN is a global trading platform in digital cash and is committed to providing the safest, most stable and most efficient trading services in digital cash to users around the world. BikiCOIN has launched a subversive " mining, buying back and destroying, rising and falling" model, which has brought new experience and protection of interests to users. BIKICOIN has already received millions of US dollars in investment from several investment funds such as SEE Fund and CHAIN UP Capital. Its core team is from well-known Internet companies and first-line investment institutions. The team members are early investors and block chain researchers in digital cash and have rich research and development and operation experience in digital cash. € 666,058,924
FatBTC € 664,418,805
Idax IDAX (International Digital Asset Exchange) company is originated from GBC (Global Blockchain Research Center), an international blockchain research center and it’s a global digital assets service platform that is designed for blockchain exchange research.
IDAX operates from GBC high-tech industrial complex in Ulaanbaatar. Our industrial complex has 33.000 M2 work space . The platform is designed to be trustworthy and user friendly crypto currency exchange which is supported with many functions such as multi-crypto currency, multi-language options, and multi level of security architect that ensures a safe transaction of digital asset exchange. We also strive to develop source integration, cross-border strategic partnership, and develop the the financial techs, and by doing so we’ll be able to boost the IDAX platform’s innovation and the developmental processes.
We are in operation, in order to establish the highest quality digital asset exchange platform of the blockchain globalization according to the “Secure, prompt, stable, sophisticated/precise” activity guidance.
€ 661,746,129
Bitforex € 656,947,098
HitBTC HitBTC was founded in 2013 by a team of finance experts and engineers. The exchange is a top-tier player, offering more than 500 currencies in over 900 trading pairs. HitBTC takes advantage of its international presence, as they are managed from Hong Kong by Hit Solution Limited and hold a dedicated office in Chile.
€ 631,732,698
Negociecoins Bitcoin . The coin that connects.
NegocieCoins is an ultra-secure digital wallet for you to buy , sell , accept and store Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Litecoin and SegWit2x the most popular crypto-coins in the world.

Here you have guaranteed protection through offline database and encryption against fraud and theft. Thus, you can conduct your negotiations with peace of mind and security .

Get to know our services now and become part of the system that is revolutionizing the global economy .
€ 630,870,121
Bithumb Bithumb is a South Korean based exchange that is one of the largest based on trade volume. Bithumb offers exchange, wallet and additional services like remittances and gift vouchers. € 620,040,002
P2PB2B P2PB2B is a cryptocurrency exchange that is mainly focused on the needs and interests of businesses. From the B2B point of view, the exchange has several benefits. Open API allows any API apps like exchangers, financial services, startups to get a free listing. Therefore new projects can attract the audience while established businesses give their users more opportunities. The exchange also promises that the listing process of new coins will take only 5 minutes. The primary listing form contains just 4 questions and further communication is made by mail. € 572,419,959
Tidebit Hong Kong best cryptocurrency trading platform, support trading between fiat to most major cryptos € 557,618,919
Bgogo Bgogo aspires to be the cryptocurrency exchange of the community, by the community, for the community. It is the first digital asset exchange with
supernode listing authority, designed to list the most high quality and promising digital assets.

Bgogo.com is registered in Cayman Islands and headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Bgogo founders include members from leading Internet companies such as Facebook, Twitter, IBM, Alibaba, etc. The core engineering team consists of several world champions of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.
€ 551,756,698
OOOBTC OOOBTC is a gateway and exchange for crypto-currency and crypto-ecosystem. € 507,535,941
LATOKEN LATOKEN is a one-stop multi-asset trading platform. LATOKEN is building the first decentralized exchange based on DAG technology (Directed Acyclic Graph) that allows unprecedented trading volumes of up to 100,000 transactions. At the moment, LATOKEN exchange offers trading pairs such as ETH/LA, VEN/LA, SNT/LA, WTC/LA, AION/RDN, ETH/POWR, RDN/LA, and more. € 505,883,680
BitMart As a globally integrated trading platform, BitMart aims to provide reliable cryptocurrency services such as spot trading, futures contract trading, over-the-counter trading, and whole-network trading. BitMart also aims to provide technical, financial, and marketing solutions for conventional business through a small business incubator that will help connect the bridge between traditional business and the digital asset world. € 478,228,782
Huobi Global Huobi Global is a China-based Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange firm that launched in 2017 to function as a blockchain asset only trading platform. Huobi Global provides advanced trading features for more than 190 blockchain assets. € 475,118,343
Dobitrade DOBI Digital Asset Exchange is a global cryptocurrency trading platform, which is an arm of Btc51 Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen). € 470,375,441
Lbank Lbank is China based C2C exchange that supports a large myriad of cryptocurrencies globally. € 438,007,741
EXX EXX is a Chinese-based crytocurrency exchange platform that allows global users to trade Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and many other blockchain assets. € 334,080,211
Hb.top € 327,491,710
TopBTC € 299,235,113
IDCM The IDC Alliance will cover more than 60 countries and regions in the world. It is the first exchange alliance built upon a node consensus mechanism. It will work together with IDCG’s own DApp platform (based on DPoS) and DAICO incubation platform to create a complete blockchain ecosystem. € 293,009,209
CoinTiger The CoinTiger platform is a global and innovative crypto asset exchange that provides multi-crypto-currency trading services in multi-language to blockchain enthusiasts around the world. € 278,543,481
CHAOEX € 277,167,498
ZG.TOP Here are a few reasons why we're here:;
1. The platform started in 2015 and has been an old brand for years
2. The number of Telegram followers is 70 K and it continues to grow
3. 500K number of platform users
4. More than 10,000 daily visits to the platform
5. The platform is well-resourced. we can help when you develop China
6. We can work together on the ad, as long as the price is right
€ 276,459,389
FUBT Focusing on the blockchain industry, FUBT is one of the first professional organizations in the world to lay out the blockchain industry ecology.FUBT founding partners have rich experience in blockchain project investment. As an early evangelist and professional investor in the blockchain, FUBT has been involved in mining investment since 2013. Up to now, many high-quality blockchain projects have been incubated, covering transactions. Office, wallet, media, technical services, third-party ratings, etc.
Registered users: 98.19 million Digital assets: 120
Trading Market: BTC/ETH/USDT/FBT
€ 264,965,818
BITKER BITKER(www.BITKER.com) was founded in Singapore in December 2017 which has the world’s top financial experts and technology geeks. BITKER devotes to provide a one-stop digital asset exchange for users. In the future, you can manage your digital asset on BITKER which provides OTC, coin-to-coin exchange, contract trading, margin trading and other crypto services. BITKER would make the digital asset transaction simpler as well as lowering the entry barrier.

Medium: https://medium.com/@bitker
€ 260,928,280
Simex SIMEX is an international investment platform aimed at primary and secondary sectors of the economy for beginner and professional investors. € 239,103,543
Bkex Operated by BTC King Technology Co., Ltd (registered address: The British Virgin Islands; Registration Code: 1978707). BKEX.COM is the world’s first digital asset transaction platform based on community consensus. Combined the advantages of the high performance of centralized exchange and the high reliability of decentralized public blockchain, BKEX.COM provides worldwide trade service for digital currency such as BTC, ETH, EOS, NEO, etc. Relied on its public chain, BKEX.COM can achieve a safe storage of digital assets, project Crowdfunding, asset distribution, and build a DPOS-based super-node decision-making system. € 230,399,817
BitOnBay Bitonbay is a blockchain exchange service for consumers to buy and sell emerging altcoins using established cryptocurrencies. € 222,977,144
LocalTrade LocalTrade is the cryptocurrency Exchange for individuals. We are a platform where users can interact with each other by buying and selling cryptocurrency. Users, called Traders, create orders indicating price and payment method. You can browse our website in search of orders. You can find deals you need among the presented cryptocurrency pairs. If you are new to LocalTrade we recommend you read the useful information in the “Instructions” section. € 213,708,731
CoinEgg CoinEgg is a new C2C trading platform based in UK that offers Bitcoin and altcoin cryptocurrencies trading pairs. € 177,243,882
CoinMex CoinMex is a full-featured digital asset trading platform for global users. The core team of CoinMex comes from famous domestic and overseas Internet companies, such as Microsoft, IBM, Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu etc. We aim to provide users with safe, stable and smooth digital asset exchange services. € 152,558,164
KKCoin The KKCoin Exchange is a trading platform focused on blockchain assets created by a group of digital asset fans.We are registered in Singapore, the financial center of the world, providing global users with trading services such as bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum and other digital assets, aggregated the global high-quality blockchain assets, and are committed to build world-class blockchain assets trading platform € 147,185,834
Upbit Upbit is a new Korean C2C exchange and is launched by the biggest messaging app developer in Korea, Kakao. Kakao teamed up with Bittrex to offer a myriad of cryptocurrencies. € 145,470,814
Exrates Exrates is a cryptocurrency exchange headquarterd in Indonesia. € 135,147,888
QBTC QBTC is a exchange including many digital assets.Opening for users all over the world,Q web provides different types of digital assets exchage services such as BTC, ETH, LTC and so on. Q web is a reliable and safe digital assets exchange porviding safe,fast and fair BTC exchange services for users. € 119,694,879
Gate.io Gate.io is a crytocurrency only (C2C) exchange that offers a large range of altcoins paired with BTC, ETH, USDT and QTUM. € 117,810,617
Liquid (Quoine) Liquid (Previously known as Quione & Qryptos) is a Japan-based exchange that allows users to trade BTC, ETH and BCH with major fiat pairings. Liquid is a unified, globally-sourced trading platform that bridges the worlds of fiat and crypto. € 111,017,481
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