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qTrade qTrade LLC is a digital asset exchange launched in April 2018 and based in the United States, registered in Kansas. The qTrade platform provides split-second trade execution, industry-leading security practices, and a robust, scalable architecture. Our mission is to help drive blockchain technology forward by reducing the barriers faced by innovative new and emerging technology. € 26,234
Zebpay Zebpay is India's Leading Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchange. € 24,956
Bitmesh € 22,569
NLexch NLexch is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that aims to make cryptocurrencies more accessible to everyone by providing mining pools, exchange services and a support framework for each listed coin. € 22,295
bleutrade Bleutrade is a crypto to crypto (C2C) exchange that offers a diverse selection of blockchain assets. € 20,821
Bitshares Assets € 20,102
Binance DEX Fast and secure decentralized digital asset exchange. Binance Chain is a blockchain initially developed by Binance. € 15,875
Ice3x € 14,455
Tideal TiDeal was founded in 2018 by the world's leading digital asset exchange TideBit with Hong Kong-listed company Global Energy Resources International Group Ltd. (8192.HK). TiDeal is one of the few digital currency trading platforms launched by listed companies worldwide. It provides a showcase and distribution channel for quality blockchain assets and caters digital asset holders around the world with currency trading services such as Bitcoins, Ethereum, and other digital assets as base currency. € 12,565
BITEXBOOK Buy, sell and exchange BTC, ETH, LTC and others for USD and RUB € 12,089
Token.Store Token.store is one of the oldest, fully trustless decentralized exchanges in the ecosystem. It operates trustless exchanges on the ETH and EOS networks. € 11,185
SafeTrade SafeTrade is a secure cryptocurrency exchange from developers team SafeCoin. € 9735.8
Nova Exchange Nova Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange platform with a wide range of cryptocurrencies that hosts the most important market players. € 5830.8
Txbit Txbit - a cryptocurrency exchange for the everyday trader. Our philosophy is simple; Security, Privacy and Reliability. Built and based in the Netherlands. € 5649.5
DEx.top DEx.top is a decentralized Ethereum-token exchange platform based on smart contract and powered by Bitmain. It introduces the practical ROC (Replay On Chain) trading mechanism that leverages the synchronized off-chain and on-chain ledgers to enable instant trading while making traders’ assets safe. DEx.top is committed to providing the most secure, instant, and low-cost trading experience to end users in all levels. € 5275.3
BitStorage BITStorage Finance is a unique cryptocurrency exchange created with the goal of making cryptocurrency trading easier and more reliable. BITStorage Finance is connected to most popular and recognized by internet community Payeer payment service, which made its reputation as reliable and stable electronic payment service for long years. helping to foster a closer integration between crypto and fiat currencies. € 5259.1
C-CEX C-CEX is a C2C and fiat trading platform that offers over 170 BTC and DOGE trading pairs. It supports over 400,000 members and offers a merchant solution, API support and fiat trading. € 4362.4
CoinDirect Live in 25 countries worldwide, Coindirect is Africa’s most comprehensive cryptocurrency exchange with an integrated peer-to-peer marketplace, cryptocurrency wallet and API that allows customers and vendors to buy, sell and trade over 40 digital coins. € 3838.6
Chainrift Chainrift is a cryptocurrency exchange focused on simplicity and user experience. It fills the niche of a curated market of promising projects that are not listed in the bigger exchanges yet.
Visit https://www.chainrift.com/ for more info.
€ 3329.2
Dflow DFlow is a P2P cryptocurrency exchange and crypto-product trading platform.

All products including the website and the underlying technology issued under DFlow (DFlowx.com) are wholly owned and operated by Dflow Technologies Limited OÜ
€ 2462.1
Freiexchange Freiexchange was created in December 2016 due the lack of exchange points for Freicoin. It was developed by Fedde and extensive testing was done by Fabrizio and Skaro from the Freicoin Alliance Forum. € 2245.0
Nanu Exchange We are a private altcoin exchange. € 1852.1
Joyso JOYSO is a hybrid decentralized exchange platform launched in May 2018. € 1410.2
KAiREX KAiREX is a cryptocurrency exchange based in South Korea. It strives to discover coins with hidden potentials and, in the process of listing them, give value to people around the globe. € 1199.2
Bankera Bankera Exchange offers a global and secure digital-asset trading platform featuring a comfortable interface for all-level traders. It is the second product by the team behind Bankera on a mission to build the financial infrastructure for the blockchain era. Built on years of expertise in crypto and FinTech fields our trading platform is designed to meet the needs of today’s cryptocurrency market. € 1135.8
BitKonan BitKonan is a trading platform where BitKonan Users can trade Bitcoin/Litecoin for US dollars. € 979.69
Altmarkets Cryptocurrency Exchange based within the UK focusing on lower tier altcoins € 962.94
Aphelion Aphelion is a P2P trading platform (DEX) built on the NEO blockchain that brings a wallet based peer-to-peer trading experience to cryptocurrency traders worldwide.

The Aphelion solution allows users to trade cryptocurrency in a totally decentralized and trustless environment. Our Distributed Exchange Asset Ledger (D.E.A.L.) decentralized application (DApp) eliminates any third party or central authority.

Aphelion ends: high fees, delays, frozen funds, locked trades and hijacked tokens. All Aphelion initiated trades are done directly on-chain or cross-chain and directly between users with terms they set, accept and complete themselves. As a bonus, APH tokens spent during P2P trading are automatically redistributed to all APH token holders; similar to the NEO/GAS relationship. Aphelion is not a hosted exchange, it never holds or stores tokens and is totally open source, community-driven and most importantly: DECENTRALIZED.
€ 607.30
Bitfex BitFex - is the first cryptocurrency exchange developing based on the requirements of traders and that has one of the lowest fees among cryptocurrency exchanges

Our main advantages:
1. BitFex - is the first cryptocurrency exchange developing based on the requirements of traders
2. No verification needed
3. Work with fiat currencies (USD / RUR) and have low minimal deposit amounts
4. Deposit fees 0% RUR / 2% USD; withdrawal fees 1% RUR / 2% USD (one of the lowest in the market); trading fees 0.15%
5. Instant deposit / withdrawals in fully automatic mode
6. Profiles security with 2FA
7. Our Support Team answering to all mentions in the chat
8. No withdrawal limits for cryptocurrency
9. To communicate in chat not need minimum balance
10. We have easy-to-use API for trading bots
€ 549.16
CryTrEx Multi-Crypto Exchange, powered by Coinpayments.net Service. € 548.30
C-Patex € 415.40
Swiftex We aim to be a lower entry exchanges allowing newer coins to have somewhere for them to grow. Working side by side with them to help push them forward. € 218.37
Saturn Network Saturn Network is the first and only decentralized exchange for trading Ethereum & Ethereum Classic tokens. All trading happens in one transaction, peer-to-peer, which means we do not require any account creation, deposits or withdrawals. All you need is a supported dApp browser such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Cipher or our own Saturn Wallet and you will be trading within minutes.
Our exchange is unique as our order book runs completely on-chain, meaning Saturn Network is truly decentralized and is not a hybrid exchange. Furthermore, all paid trading fees are reimbursed with SATURN tokens and all our exchange's profits are shared among our token holders.
€ 63.04
TokenJar Decentralized erc20 exchange € 57.54
Coingi Coingi.com serves as a platform for individuals interested in buying and selling Bitcoins and other currencies. € 42.82
CredoEx After launching and scaling BitBounce and it’s token Credo, the team realized that the users and owners lacked reliable on-and-off ramps into the token’s ecosystem. Easy access to Credo was essential for consumers who wanted to trade what they earned, enthusiasts who wanted to buy to hold, and businesses who wanted to buy in bulk and send paid marketing campaigns.

Existing exchanges were either difficult to use with overly complicated user interfaces, unreliable with many technical downtimes, unaffordable with high transaction and withdrawal fees, or simply lacking in currency pairs.

These hurdles inspired the BitBounce team to build CredoEx from the ground up to have a simple, easy to use interface, a robust technical architecture to avoid downtimes, reasonable fees and a host of currency pairs introducing users to the token economy. CredoEx runs on the highly scalable and reliable Elixir programming language used to build most of the internet’s networking infrastructure and massive applications like Whatsapp.

CredoEx also brought in world class, easy-to-use design to ensure both experienced and novice users could make the most of the exchange. CredoEx lists tokens that allows users to access powerful services in the crypto-economy like identity management, decentralized computing, and prediction markets, to act as a gateway to the token economy.

CredoEx has large ambitions—to become the premier exchange for cryptocurrencies and to be the foundation for the token economy by listing useful new token projects and helping to accelerate these projects with paid marketing email campaigns on BitBounce.
€ 25.16
Letsdocoinz We strongly believe that cryptocurrency is the future and we are determined to bring the most secure and feature-packed alternative to major exchange services, while maintaining lowest rates possible. € 20.62
Everbloom Everbloom is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange focused on the security, reliability, and data needs of pro traders and institutions. Everbloom supports Ethereum and hundreds of Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens. € 3.589
Tux Exchange Tux Exchange is a crypto-crypto exchange that offers Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin and Dash exchange via Bitcoin markets. € 0.07454
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